The time is in us. Take out all these brown and orange sweaters and have a cup of hot chocolate. Relax by the fire and read book after book by your favourite author. Oh, you have children It does not matter!

But do not be afraid I’m here to show you some easy-to-make ideas that any elementary school kid can achieve. The older ones will also love it if you can get them to stay in the same room long enough with you.

Ask each family member to write two or three things for which he or she is grateful for the cut feathers. Chop the feathers on the back of the turkey and observe how the plumage is grateful to bloom!

What do you need

Autumn construction paper


The glue

pipe cleaners

Felt or more construction paper.

Optional: the store-bought googly eyes or other facial features

How to do it: if your dark brown thread is already formed in a ball, you are halfway there. If not, go ahead and squeeze a large ball. It will be the body of your turkey. With a light brown color, create a smaller ball, proportional to the body of your turkey. Pallet stick or wooden stick makes it possible to fix the parts of the head and body of the turkey. To create the facial features, cut out the felt or construction paper for the eyes, beak and fins. Items purchased in the store can also be pasted to the face. Cut the feathers on orange, brown, yellow, green and red construction paper. Ask family members to write their recognition messages on each pen. Glue the pipe cleaner on the back of the pen, like a rod. Insert the feathers into the back of the turkey, unfolded.

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