Southern Living January 2019

When it comes to a home, small should not mean claustrophobic.  In fact, with a little help from thoughtful furnishings, color picks and organizational tactics even the quirkiest alcove can evolve into a beloved spot.  Step one to opening up possibilities Get rid of anything you don’t need; then create smart zones with everything you do.  “When space and storage is limited, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed  ,” says Joann Teplin, cofounder of Nashville’s The Home Edit. “By paring things down and utilizing creative solutions, you can really embrace the space you have.” Next avoid visual clutter-think multitasking, small-boned furniture and well chosen art.  “Too many frames can make the walls feel like they are closing in on you,” says Dallas interior designer Moll Anderson.  Focus on one piece of colorful artwork such as a large scale print, a vibrant photograph, or an abstract painting.”  No need to play it safe, though; diminutive rooms can be ideal places for bold hues and pops of pattern.  “I adorn every inch of these spaces with color and layers of design,” says Lacy Phillips, an interior designer based in Pensacola, Florida.

Small cabinets with drawers with pillow seating compliments this small office space with bold colors and fabric.

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