Hosting friends in a night for a night game isn’t a bad idea. You get to share experience and enjoy when your friends and family members are closer to you. Keeping in mind that you don’t have to spend any penny to do this.
Many ways are available to keep your night game cost low while making the laughter experience sweeter. Here are some of the best free ideas for your night.

-Egyptian War

This is an enjoyable game that is able to last for even 5hours depending on the outcome of the game and the creativity of the player.


Spade game encourages four players to play together, therefore, time can never be a limiting factor for many people to be part of the game.


It involves people sitting in a Circle with a lesser spoon placed in the middle than the participants. Each player begins with 4 cards that they hold on their hands. The aim is to get another four of the same position.

Dominoes is a dynamic game and can be played in various ways. You can try out Chicken Foot and Mexican Train.

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