Which parent does not dream of their children being healthy and happy. When a baby appears in the house, the center of the family moves in its direction. Day by day, parents invest all their strength and resources in the child’s well-being. From the first minutes of his life, his parents carefully chose food, clothing, kindergarten and school, trying to filter out the “harmful impurities” of this life. For the sake of the child’s comprehensive and harmonious development, the parents give their children to various sections.

It is unlikely that someone at this moment has a question, whether to send a child to a sport or, for example, to a music school. Comparison is not acceptable here. Sport is a synonym for full life. Therefore, sports do not choose, choose sports!
The ideal time to start systematic physical education is the age of 2-3 years. During this period, children are active and impulsive, but also tired. Therefore, daily workouts should be 3-5 minutes and consist of 4-5 exercises (jump-jump, claps, springs, etc.).

However, at some point it still becomes necessary to determine the sport. And here we must look to the child. By the age of five, children have already developed character, body type, “awakened” talents and abilities. In a word, at this age your child is already a personality, which will prompt you the right decision. The main thing is to choose the kind of sport which occupies the greatest pleasure for your child.

Here the age of the child can also help parents. In children of 6–7 years old, it is most successful to develop flexibility, since after a year the amplitude and mobility of the joints is a quarter less. It is better to develop speed in 8–11 years, endurance – after 11, force – in 12–13. Difficult movements succeed better in 10–12 years.

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